Sunday, October 28, 2012

Look what I got...

For a while I have wanted a Singer Featherweight sewing machine but could just not justify the money for a third machine to use occasionally. Well, I received a call from an older gentleman who used to repair sewing machines at my school and he had one that he was trying to sell for a friend who needed some money to pay hospital bills....and the cost was $ you know I jumped on it.

Turns out it was a newer model Featherweight and NOT what I wanted. He could tell I was so sad  SO  he found me a real one...but I had to pay $125 which I still thought was a good deal. I had the $75 in cash from a recent sell so I stretched it a bit and purchased it.

Here it is,,,

It was in perfect running order and kinda "purrs" as I sew.

The model number is  AL 188732  which means it was made in 1955 (the year I was born) in the US.
The black carrying case was also in good condition and even included a bobbin, a few attachments  and a tube of oil in its original little box.

What I do not have is the original green box for the attachments as I am looking for one...

Michelle over at Life with Lou sent me a copy of the original instruction booklet..."THANKS Michelle!" and told me how to clean the machine and the case too. Still need to clean it...but it still looks pretty good.

Oh, also, the original cord had a nick and some wiring was exposed so I purchased a new cord and attached it to the foot pedal myself ( pat on back) BUT my daddy had to kinda stretch/loosen up the three prong plug where it plugs into the machine because it was too tight. Now, I can plug it in myself and am ready to GO!!!

Think I will make a pretty, quilted handle "coozie"....

All I need now is a workshop where I can take my newest machine and sew all day!!!

What do you think?
How many of you also own one?
How many of you would like to own one?
How many of you have NEVER heard of one????

I really want your thoughts and suggestions too. Thanks.

Blessings all,


  1. How neat! You can bring it over here to sew!! My friend who embroiders and quilts has a lighter machine too. I will have to show her yours! Lucky you! Enjoy! Nancy

  2. Awesome and a great deal too!!!! I love the little Featherwieghts.

  3. I love vintage sewing machines and have quite a collection. I have a few featherweights and my husband threatens to take some and sell them. I paid quite a bit more for mine than you did yours-great buy.

  4. What a sweet little machine!! I don't have one but it would be fun to have one around, sounds like a great price too

  5. Glad that you found a bargain! I've heard of featherweights, don't have one, and probably never would get one (I delight in my Bernina). :) I was given an old sewing machine earlier this traveled down here to VA from NY when friends moved here. It was the grandmother's Singer...who knows...could it be a featherweight? It's in a cabinet, and I just took photos and sent them to a restorer for a price estimate to get it looking like new. I may end up doing it myself depending on the price.

  6. I've heard of featherweights, but don't have one. I do have my great-grandmother's Singer treadle machine that I cherish and would like to restore to working order one day. Seems like my grandmother used to own a machine that looked similar to yours but it's long-gone. You are lucky. Your machine looks beautiful and in great condition! Looking forward to seeing projects you make with it!!


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