Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas gifts...

I really enjoy making gifts at Christmas
and at other times of the year too!!
My family has started "drawing names" so we do not give as many as we 
used to give...
But, I do enjoy making the great nephews something
and this year I actually drew my sister's name.

So what did I make???

I actually found a similar idea on a blog
(not sure sorry for not giving credit!!)

These are pajama pillows for boys!!!

And here is  my sister with her cosmetic bag
and matching glass case in her favorite color

Also made some soup in a jar for friends
and still have to mail a few
for the new year...
think I will include some cracker mix
with theirs...

What did you make for your loved ones???
Please let me know.



  1. Love the things you made for your sister, and it looks like she really likes them. A happy healthy New Year to you with lots of sewing time.

  2. Looks like a very fun time! Your sister looks like she loves her gift. I'm sure she was thrilled! No, i didn't make anything this year for gifts, so the time was more relaxed than the usual bustling around to get finished!

  3. Your pajama pillows are so cute! I gifted a couple of quilts this year, one to my uncle for his birthday and another to my sister. Other gifts I regularly make are hot pads and tote bags. I haven't had the courage to try a cosmetic bag because it requires a zipper!

  4. I crocheted a shawl for my mother in law, I also crocheted her a blue and white Christmas tree that is lit with white lights. I knitted socks for gifts and made a few wooden nativity puzzles! I also made my one son footy pajamas and one a bathrobe. I made an adult friend footy pajamas. She actually asked for them!!


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