Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beach fun and new fabric...

We were offered a friend's condo at the beach 
and could only go for three days
but we had fun....

The water was still warm enough to walk in and to gather shells.
Nice fall vacation.

Of course I got in a little thrift store and fabric shopping too!!
Two sweaters, a brown Ralph Lauren, a navy Deans of Scotland from the 80's and a black quilted jacket with with pink lining 
and all for $12.00.
Now that is my kind of shopping...

My latest fabric purchases from Mary Ellen's
The Thistlebee Quilt Shoppe

G basicgrey for moda  # 30150 yellow  & green                            

I took the pics outside so you can see the way the colors of white and pink are added.
These lovely pieces are for a new wall hanging to go in our den. I am planning on appliqueing
with felt and wool some fruits of the seasons...

When I returned, I subbed for two days and then taught a basic sewing class on Saturday.
This cute little half apron is (with permission) from
Angie Asplund's blog 

and her detailed instructions are great to follow.
My two students also used the "Flurry" fabrics...
Here are my samples

which are going to my niece on Monday...hope she enjoys them.
She is a lot younger and will like this popular half style...
a full (cover-up) apron for me!!!!

My week was way to busy for a retired girl
so this week I plan to take it easy...

Blessings all !

Hosea 4:6


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have those opportunities for an unexpected vacation? Good for you. Judy C

  2. Oh, I am SO jealous of your vacation! Loved the bargains you got and your fabric too. (hee hee hee...and your little dog too!!!!) =-)

  3. What a fun week. We love the beach! Hope you get rested up this week!

  4. The beach in perfect! You look happy and rested! Flowers on your front steps...lovely!

  5. I do so love fall vacations on a beach. I know you enjoyed that special time.


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